Prints from Cooksey-Talbott Gallery

Over the many years of my involvement with photography and printing I have made prints for a wide variety of presentation formats.

I have discovered that some presentations have better “viewing experiences” then others. With a framed print you will often see 50% reflections and 50% of the artwork. This is not a good viewing experience. Our goal is to create a piece of art that you can hang anywhere and see from all angles without additional lighting.

How Do We Achieve Our Goal?

Our main offering of ready-to-hang prints is in the laminated Float and Box presentations. This allows a 90+% viewing experience and robust surface that can be wiped off with a moist cloth. The prints are made on archival fine art paper and mounted with an acid free barrier adhesive on wood MDB panels. Prints are covered with a laminate that resembles the surface of a photographic print on luster paper. Panels are edged with a tough heat sensitive tape that protects the print and covers the panel’s edge.

You may also order raw prints ready for your framer to mat and frame. Because of the variety of frames and mats available we do not offer ready-to-hang framed prints.

Feel free to call the studio and chat about what you would like. My number is 510-742-0548 and my time zone is PST - California

Solid Box and Hollow Box

With the Solid Box and Hollow Box styles, your image is displayed on a one-inch beveled board that lies flush with the wall. The Box style creates a more formal look. The Hollow Box style differs from the Solid Box style in that it is one inch thick around the edges only.

Because it weights less than the Solid Box style, Hollow Box is used for prints larger than 16 by 16 inches.

Box Front

Box Mount Front

Box Corner

Hollow Box Back - Prints 16x16 or Larger...

Hollow Box Back

Solid Box Back - Prints Smaller then 16x16...

Solid Box Back


With the Float style, your image is set slightly away from the wall giving it a "floating" appearance.

This look is achieved with a beveled, one-quarter inch board that rests on three-quarter inch thick bracing. The Float style offers a unique, contemporary and artistic look.

Float Front

Float Corner

Float Mount Corner

Float Back

Float Mount Back

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