Moonlight Starscapes

I have been making this set of images to try and capture the experience of being in the wilderness at night...

Shhhh... You can actually hear yourself think out there :)

The gallery Moonlight Starscapes has 11 images.
California High Sierra

I have spent some time floating around in the sierra with both film and digital cameras. This gallery has some of the results that are normal rectangles.

Currently I have given only a single purchase option, if you are interested in another size give me a call at 510-742-0548 and I will be happy to help :)

The gallery California High Sierra has 50 images.
High Sierra Panoramas and Vertoramas

All of the images in this gallery are made by taking a series of exposures and the combining them in the computer to create a wide field rendition of our world.

The rpocess does this with very minimal distortion and with, in many cases, infinet depth of field...

How to Work The Gallery...

Each page has 8 generous sized images on it and is changed using the page numbers at top and bottom.

To se a larger image click on a picture and you will be taken to the full size gallery.

In the full size gallery you can navigate with either the arrow keys or with the page numbers.

The gallery High Sierra Panoramas and Vertoramas has 69 images.
California Hill Country
This is a gallery of my rectangualr and square images of the rolling hills of Northern California.

I have not filled out sizes for the images so they have one size offered for sale. They are available in a variety of sizes so if you would like something that is not offered please give me a call at 510-742-0548 11-6 PST.
The gallery California Hill Country has 24 images.
In Stock - Ready to Hang Prints - 30% Off

Prices Marked Reflect My Christmas Special 30% Discount!
Order Online or by Phone 510-742-0548

This is a gallery of ready-to-hang pieces that are in stock and can be shipped immediately. My custom orders take around 10 days in-house before they ship.

The prints offered in this gallery are in a variety of sizes and presentations. Some have gallery markings and have been displayed at various galleries while others are new. If a print or mount has damage it will be indicated in the listing otherwise images are in new condition.

All prints are made by the artist in his studio on Canon large format printers and archival paper or cotton canvas.

There are some really beautiful large prints in this collection as well as nice small images. There are images at all the different price points.

My prints are really good for gifts, shop local this holiday season!

Print prices include shipping and at least a 30% discount...

The gallery In Stock - Ready to Hang Prints - 30% Off has 52 images.
Big Sur - California Coastline

Big Sur... A mystical place on the California Coastline south of Carmel...

Home to the fog, sun rocks and sea the cliff and rocky coast lines make that stretch of route 1 a joy to travel.

I spent a week there in 2010 and this is the result... 

The gallery Big Sur - California Coastline has 7 images.
Free Facebook Timeline Covers

Have some nice free artwork... On Me!

If you wondered what to do with that wonderful piecec of real estate at the top of your Facebook Timeline page... Well I have an answer for you!

Enjoy some of my panoramic images that have been cropped and sized to be the correct size for a Timeline cover.

Bookmark this gallery and have an interesting variety of images to choose from.

Enjoy - Cooksey :)

The gallery Free Facebook Timeline Covers has 39 images.
Lost Coast Panoramas
Panoramic seascape photographs from the Lost Coast and Petrolia area.
I have gone to the Lost Coast - Petrolia area for the past couple of years. This is a remote coastal area in Northern California where the vegatation is lush an d the flowers are abundant in the spring.    
The gallery Lost Coast Panoramas has 19 images.
Vertical Panoramas are Vertoramas!

As I made more panoramic images I rapidly realized that there was only so much room to display 4 and 6 foot images.

I then started looking at the world in a vertical format and started getting images that are 10-15 inches wide by 4 feet tall.

A number of these images have a 180 degree field of view and show the world from looking nearly straight down to a little more then straight up

As I started stocking more of these prints I could see that the logic was solid as my home and gallery walls where I hold my stock yielded a number of spaces for these images where I had previously thought they were full...

The gallery Vertical Panoramas are Vertoramas! has 52 images.
Picture a Day!
I went on a program a while back to try and bring more images out of my collections. I tried to do one a day when it was possible.

This gallery has an assortment of different images that I have selected as I wandered through my camera originals.

Some of them scanned film while others are are high resolution stitched digital or single frame 10 megapixel images.

Stop in and see how I am keeping up!

The gallery Picture a Day! has 70 images.
Possibly my favorite thing in life...
    My Favorite Thing... Waterfalls

Ever since I was young I was fascinated by waterfalls and rushing water.

Where I grew up there was not a lot of gradient so most water plodded along.

My parents would take us on long car camping trips during the summers during the course of which I saw most of the National Parks.

During these trips I was exposed to the type of topographies that lead to waterfalls and water as a living entity...

As an adult I have assiduously worked on collecting waterfall images.

I hope you enjoy the results of my work in collecting waterfalls from here and there...
The gallery Waterfalls has 68 images.
Frozen Waterfalls
Cold and refreshing!!!!
I made it to Ithaca for three weeks during the winter of 2004.

While I had hoped for lots of snow it was fairly bereft of snow except for a few days.

Ithaca is blessed with a great many small and large waterfalls in the watershed of lake Cayuga.

While I had been there during the warm months I had yet to see their winter and so even the few days of snow were a thrill...

Of course it dosen't snow where I live so snow has some level of novelty for myself and my kids.

I went to some of the local waterfalls on the days when it was snowing and captured some nice images.
The gallery Frozen Waterfalls has 24 images.
The work of the master painter...
    Nature paints from a very wide palette of colors and texture.

The abstract patterns in the weathered rocks of the Sierra crest are endlessly fascinating.

I love the range of hue of the brilliantly colored lichens that grow on the rocks.

The moment the chaos of nature is abstracted it becomes a powerful statement of tone and form that is truly incomparable.
The gallery Abstract has 30 images.
Short run poster prints on art paper.
I am pleased to offer as my largest open edition print this group of beautiful 24" x 30" posters. The image on each poster is 18" in the long dimension. The posters are a mixture of best selling images curated from my general collection.

These prints are made with the same high quality Epson UltraChrome inks and papers as my limited edition fine art prints and are an affordable way to get some of your favorite images.

Posters from my web site are signed and have my name and a caption contining the title and location where the photograph was taken. Posters available from stores are unsigned.

Images are available as the raw print ready to frame or in a number of attarctive ready to hang presentations.

Posters are available from 40.00 for raw in tube to 149.99 for hollow box laminated mounting. Give one of your friends a poster as a gift!!!
The gallery Posters has 32 images.

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