V i r t u a l   N o r t h   B e a c h
A desktop tour of San Franciscos North Beach district in an old style D&D style walker engine.

This is a group of pictures of a less then random walk through North Beach.

I did this piece in 1996 with an early consumer digital camera and a balky laptop on which to store the data.

I had to stop a number of times and drink more Cappachinos while I waited for the pictures to down load. Of course North Beach is a fine place for that so it was good!

There are over 300 pictures stiched into a set of HTML nodes that allow you to "walk" through North Beach.

Unlike other images in my galleries this is not for sale as prints it is simply what it is...

A nice diversion from a slow day at the office...

To navigate the maze wave the mouse around the edges of the picture, you will see the cursor change when you can go in that direction.

The teleporter page and a help page are available from each page in the maze.

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